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 Terms - Hot Air Balloons - R

Red Zone
See prohibited zone.

Rip-stop Nylon
The material that makes up most of envelope.

Restricted Operations Zone
A land area on or over which balloon operations are restricted by the landowner. Also refered to as a prohibited zone (PZ) or a sensitive zone (SZ).

Retrieve Crew
See chase and chase crew.

Type of balloon that uses both gas and hot air. Sometimes called a hybrid.
Nick Saum home built unit in mid 80's and set many World Class Records. Flying AM-2 went 340 miles in 17 hours. Took off at approx. 5 pm and landed 11 am next day. Later took same balloon to over 18,000' MSL. for alt. record Takeoff was about 3900' MSL. Cheyenne Wells, Co to Syracuse, KS USA. Ground temp was 25 F, so don't you know that got a little chilly.
Steve Fossett is one of the latest to use this type of balloon. He flew from Seoul, ROK to Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada in Feb. 1995 Over 5400 miles solo. Best Trans- Pacific flight yet. That flight took 102 hrs and 15 minutes.
(Camerons make the best ones, of course).

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