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A specialized-shape skirt which, on American balloons, narrows to an inch or two on one side and widens to extend all the way from the top of the poles to the base of the envelope proper, forming a tilted mouth. The idea of the scoop is to provide better control of the aerostat's orientation. Ideally, the front (or main part of the scoop) will always be kept in the direction of travel. It may also aid in keeping the envelope full.

Sensitive Zone
A restricted operation zone where balloon launchings and landings may be allowed by the landowner under special circumstances. In some cases, a minimum altitude restriction may also exist.

The cloth segment of the envelope below the load cable connections, frequently detachable, often made of Nomex or similar fire-resistant material.

Someone who delights in collecting balloon licence numbers, badges and anoraks.

See poles.

See sensitive zone.



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