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 Terms - Hot Air Balloons - B

A generic term for an aerostat.

Fanatic balloon enthusiasts. Many of us eat, drink and sleep ballooning. Why else would we get up at 4:30 in the morning to stand out in the cold and do hard manual labour? Why - because we're balloonatics!

Barnes Basket
A triangular shaped basket used primarily on Balloon Works balloons. Named after its originator, Tracy Barnes. Popular in America - but not here as there's nowhere to put your fourth tank.

Also referred to as the gondola; the part of the balloon used to carry the pilot and passengers, fuel tanks, and other equipment. Constructed from wicker and light wood base, or in the case of high-altitude and long-distance craft, pressurizable materials.

American for carabiner which has too many syllables in.

British Thermal Unit- BTU
The quantity of heat necessary to raise the temperature of a pound (0.45Kg) of water by one degree Fahrenheit (0.56 degrees Celcius). It is approximately 1.055 kilojoules.

Device used to ignite and project flammable fuel (usually propane gas) up into the envelope to heat the air in a hot-air balloon. Burners come in a variety of configurations and powers (which are measured in BTUs, usually in the millions).



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