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 Terms - Hot Air Balloons - C

A "D", or "O" shaped locking metal clamp used to connect things together (in particular, load cables to baskets, or tie-off lines to retrieve vehicles).

Certificate of Airworthiness
Like an M.O.T. for a balloon. A balloon as to be regularly checked to make sure the fabric isn't getting too weak, the basket isn't unravelling etc. If your balloon's ok you get one of these and are allowed to fly.

Chariot's Rest 
A fine greasy spoon just outside Bristol serving legendary inch thich fried bread.

Also referred to as the "recovery" or more frequently "retrieve"; the process by which the aerostat is tracked during flight and retrieved afterwards by crew on the ground or in another craft (like a boat).

Chase Crew
The crew that chases the aerostat - more frequently known as the retrieve crew.

Convergent Navigational Task - CNT
A ballooning event where pilots attempt to fly from a designated distance to a single point, usually a scoring 'X'. Also known as Controlled Navigational Trajectory Event, or a Fly-In task.

Cremation Charlie
Some one who sacrifices himself during a flap inflation to stand inside the envelope and hold it up so that no valuable rip-stop gets burnt.

The top of the balloon envelope.

Crown Line
A rope which, at one end, is fastened to the top (or crown) of the balloon envelope, and at the other end, is used by a member of the crew to help stabilize the balloon during inflation and deflation. It is usually a good 50-100 feet (15-30 meters) longer than the balloon is tall.

Crown Ring
The ring of metal at the top of the envelope to which all the load tapes are attached.



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