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 Terms - Hot Air Balloons - F

See inflator fan.

First Flight Ceremony
Those who have endured it need no explanation. Those who have not should know that its origins are cloaked in mystery and shrouded in the most sacred rites of ballooning. Suffice it to say that the ceremony involves various liquid refreshment (usually champagne). Once having successfully survived the ceremony, the Initiate has been officially inducted into the Noble Fraternity of Aeronauts.

Flap Inflation
Before the days of inflator fans, the only way to get cold air into the envelope prior to turning on the burner was to flap the top side of the mouth up and down. Once a small amount of air had been put inside the envelope, the pilot would periodically burn to heat the air as the mouth was flapped open. Clearly this might burn the inside of the balloon higher up, so necessitated a Cremation Charlie.

Fly-in Task
See CNT.


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